Posted on The Times

A La Salle County committee hired a new attorney to handle the auditor’s situation.

Ray Sanguinetti, of Rathje Woodward in Wheaton, will be used at a rate of $240 per hour, should the county need his services. His services will be used at the discretion of County Board Chairman Jim Olson, D-Seneca, but cannot exceed $10,000 without further committee approval.

Olson said the attorney may be needed should grievances arise; services will be limited to the auditor’s situation. The county’s Salary and Labor Committee recently fired two auditor employees charged with theft for overtime pay prosecutors said they didn’t work. The state’s attorney’s office also approved the hiring.

The county has not received a final bill yet for the services of Rick Stewart, of Hesse and Martone, another outside attorney used by the county. The county was charged $1,468.75 on Feb. 7, according to a record requested by The Times. They no longer intend to use his services.

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