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The attorneys at Rathje & Woodward, LLC have the depth of experience to assist you with business transactions in a wide variety of industries from manufacturing, transportation, and construction to technology, communications and government. Our knowledge of and relationship with the business community enable us to customize a legal solution to any issue that may arise as you continue to maintain, adapt, grow, or sell your business.

Contact Rathje & Woodward, LLC for assistance with any transactional needs your business may have. We are prepared to represent you with negotiating, drafting and closing transactions wherever you conduct business. Call us today at 630-668-8500, to learn more about our superior transactional services.

Knowledgeable Transactional Attorneys Helping Business Clients

After carefully analyzing your situation, the attorneys at Rathje & Woodward, LLC will formulate a plan to positively impact your business’ growing needs. Our philosophy of carefully shepherding each deal and providing practical options, from which you can choose, enables businesses to achieve their goals. Your business will benefit from our attorneys’ knowledge in taxation, accounting, intellectual property, zoning, employment law, and real estate as we counsel business leaders to make well-informed decisions.

Over 70 Years of Excellent Representation for Businesses

Rathje & Woodward, LLC has extraordinary experience with handling all types of transactions, including:

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Contact Rathje & Woodward, LLC to speak to one of our skilled transactional lawyers. Our law firm offers a broad perspective on how to resolve the many practical and legal issues that often arise in the course of running your business. Call 630-668-8500 to schedule a consultation today.

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